Copy of About Us


Here at MIKIKI we set out to create an underwear brand that encourages you to choose happiness… to JOIE DE VIVRE! We aim to do this by making the giving, receiving and choosing your underwear the joy it is meant to be!

Here at MIKIKI we believe that:

… Joie de Vivre is about being and feeling like the best version of yourself;

… Joie de Vivre is about living a life without limits:  where you sort that experience, where you are impulsive and where you live a life fully;

… Joie de Vivre is about living your life with purpose and choosing happiness every day of your life.  

Since putting on your MIKIKI underwear is one of the first things you do each day, we want to encourage you to choose happiness when you choose your MIKIKI underwear from your drawer.


Here at MIKIKI we aim to inspire each of you to find happiness in everything you do… to Joie De Vivre!

Every part of the MIKIKI experience is designed to put a smile on your face. . . from when we design all our MIKIKI underwear, to when you choose your MIKIKI underwear online, to when we individually wrap each of your chosen KIKI’s, to when we package these in our beautifully designed MIKIKI boxes, to when your MIKIKI box drops on your doormat and to when you open your MIKIKI underwear in the morning with your breaky!

And finally… when you choose your MIKIKI underwear from your drawer each morning. 

We want you to enjoy MIKIKI underwear as much as we do.

So, GO ON… choose happiness, Joie De Vivre and spoil, seduce or surprise yourself or that special someone with MIKIKI underwear!

Each and every one of you matters and we want you to feel the joy of life every day.

We are SO SO grateful and appreciative of your support and proud of you for being the best version of you!